Whitestone Physical Therapy consults with various industries establishing preventative programs for workers with a variety of orthopedic symptoms.  We recommend modifications of workstations and alternative work methods to help ensure healthy workstyles for all employees.

ErgoAssessment - Conducted on-site to analyze risk factors associated with the particular job function, followed by a comprehensive plan of action promoting reduction of work-related injuries.

Job Analysis/Description Development - A detailed report on general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a specific position.

Pre-Work Screen - Used to establish whether or not a prospective employee meets and is able to perform the essential functions of a particular job.

Work Conditioning - An intensive conditioning and strengthening program with the emphasis on the physical capabilities that are required for work as well as education to prevent futher injury and work at optimal levels.

Our Services

  • Whitestone Physical Therapy provides physical therapy and industrial rehabilitation.

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Shoulder/knee rehabilitation

  • Sports Therapy

  • Total knee/hip/shoulder joint replacement rehabilitation

  • Management of acute or chronic pain

  • Body mechanics and ergonomic training

  • Conditioning prior to return to work

  • Exercise programs to increase motion, dexterity and/or strength

  • Dry Needling