"When my doctor gave me a prescription for physical therapy I did not realize I could go anywhere for my treatment.  I am so glad I went to Whitestone Physical Therapy in Cedar Park."  M.L.

"Whitestone Physical Therapy is a fantastic place!  I have seen the owner, Danny, for 2 different problems over the years and in both cases was so impressed with the depth of his knowledge, his professionalism and his wonderful good humor.  PT is not what you'd consider "fun" but you will have a good experience with Whitestone PT and you will see results!!"  D.O.

"What a great choice!  After my car wreck, I started attending sessions here on my road to recovery.  The staff was always informative and attentive, including the owner.  Even when I wanted to give up, I always felt encouraged.  The methods they use make a huge difference on my recovery time and overall health.  NIna and Becky are the best.  If you are looking for P.T. care, this is the place!"  S.B.